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Cost of Health Care in Retirement Calculator
Cost of Health Care in Retirement Calculator

This calculator will estimate the cost of health care for your first year of retirement and the present value of all your future health-care costs as of the start of retirement.

Retirement age must not be younger than current age.


A percentage less than 100% might be used, for example, if your health is better than average; a percentage greater than 100% might be used if your health is worse than average.


The long-term per capita Medicare cost growth assumption is 3.7% in the 2021 annual reports of the Social Security and Medicare trustees.


The average out-of-pocket health-care costs used in this calculator are based on 2020 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey. Health-care costs include payments for health insurance, medical services, drugs, and medical supplies. The average out-of pocket cost includes essentially all out-of pocket costs, including premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and costs not covered by Medicare or other insurance. Data from 2020 has been adjusted to 2022 based on 3.7% inflation. Costs are adjusted for inflation in later years based on your input for the cost of health-care inflation factor.

Annual health-care costs are assumed to occur ratably at the end of each month in a year.

This calculator does not take into account the effect of federal or state taxes, or any investment fees or expenses.

This is a hypothetical example, intended for illustration purposes only; it does not reflect the performance of any specific investment or portfolio.

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