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Business Succession Planning: Comparison of Alternatives

FLPPrivate AnnuitySCINGRATLifetime Gifts
Minimize Federal Gift TaxYes1Yes2YesYes2Maybe1
Minimize Federal Estate TaxYes3Yes4Yes4Yes4Yes3
Minimize Federal Income TaxYes5NoNoNoYes5
Minimize Federal Capital Gains TaxYes6NoYesYes6Yes6
Income for TransferorYesYesYesYesNo
Control by DonorYesNoNoYesNo
Creditor ProtectionYes7NoNoNoYes
  1. Value of gifted interest may be discounted, otherwise eligible for annual and lifetime gift tax exemptions
  2. To the extent fair market value of business does not exceed present value of annuity
  3. Shifts future appreciation to children
  4. But not to the extent payments are received and increase the transferor's estate value
  5. Shifts income to children
  6. But note that donees do not receive a "step up" in basis on transferred assets
  7. Limited partners generally have no personal liability for partnership debts
  8. Transferor may not live long enough to receive full payment

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