Susan E. Thomas CPA
Building a Retirement Plan for Your Business

roof shingles Step 10. Monitor plan progress at least annually.
roof Step 9. Discuss the plan with appropriate employees.
attic vent Step 8. Implement the plan.
soffet Step 7. Select retirement plan that best suits your company's needs. (Select plan administrators and trustees where applicable.)
decorative lights Step 6. Review and evaluate options, then work with advisor to design key plan features.
trim Step 5. Evaluate available alternatives, including qualified and nonqualified plans.
window Step 4. Determine dollars available to fund the plan. Will this amount be available every year? Should funding be from the company only, or include voluntary employee contributions?
door Step 3. Gather data using employee census. Review number of people affected, ages, salaries, length of service, and turnover rate.
sill illustration Step 2. Determine whom you would like to benefit: All employees or only key staff?
foundation illustration Step 1. Set retirement plan objectives: What do you want to accomplish? Provide additional retirement savings? Attract/retain key employees?

Prepared by Broadridge Investor Communication Solutions, Inc, Copyright 2011