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These concise, 30-minute presentations are perfect for one-on-one client meetings and multi-attendee webinars, providing prospects and clients with the digestible, topic-focused information they desire. They are the perfect tool to establish yourself as a subject-matter expert, setting the stage for important conversations and follow-up appointments.

We provide you with full-color presentations, including guided talking points, plus coordinating interactive client guidebooks, a video introduction and email invitation.

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Available Presentations

An Introduction to Annuities

Educate prospects and clients about the annuity as a retirement accumulation and income vehicle. This presentation introduces the key features of various types of annuities, how to put money into and take money out of an annuity, and the different types of payout options and factors affecting payouts.

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Variable Annuities

Provide prospects and clients with a clear explanation of what a variable annuity is and how it can provide supplemental lifetime income. This presentation also explains the key features of immediate and deferred annuities, the different types of payout options and factors affecting payouts.

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Estate Planning Basics

Explain the value of an estate plan to prospects and clients as they look at the future financial needs of their family. This presentation covers why individuals need an estate plan, strategies to plan for incapacity, key tax basics, and an overview of wills, trusts and life insurance.

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Advanced Estate Planning

Educate prospects and clients about the need for careful action when it comes to managing a complex estate, such as one that involves gift and estate taxes, transferring a business interest, or providing for a charity. Use this presentation to provide details about the changing landscape of the federal estate tax system, techniques to minimize estate taxes, and common estate freeze strategies such as family limited partnerships and private annuities.

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Planning for Long-Term Care

Educate prospects and clients on the importance of planning for long-term care needs. This presentation explains what long-term care is and where it’s provided, strategies to pay for long-term care, key features and government incentives for long-term care insurance, and how Medicare and Medicaid factor into long-term care planning.

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Business Continuation Planning

Educate business owner clients on important considerations for business continuation planning. Use this presentation to explain three core elements of business continuation planning, different approaches for valuing a business and the basics of a buy-sell agreement.

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Your Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan

Provide prospects and clients with information on how to make the most of their employer-sponsored retirement plan. This presentation covers why it’s important to make retirement planning a priority, how an employer-sponsored retirement plan helps, and steps employees can take to pursue retirement with confidence.

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College Planning

Educate prospects and clients on the importance of personal saving as a source of college funding. This presentation focuses on projected future college costs, tax-advantaged ways to save for college, the role of financial aid and how need is determined, and additional ways families can fill the college funding gap.

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Special Needs Planning

Provide prospects and clients with specialized education that covers planning for the personal needs and financial security of a loved one who is disabled or has special needs. This presentation includes steps to create and implement plans for a loved one, sources of government benefits, the role of special needs trusts and ABLE accounts, and certain estate planning considerations.

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Educate attendees about the importance calculating the cost of retirement, determining how much they might need, identifying potential sources of income, implementing sound investment strategies to build assets over time, understanding tax-advantaged investment vehicles and safeguarding assets from the unexpected.

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Roth IRA Basics

Help prospects and clients understand the difference between traditional and Roth IRAs, and several different ways to fund a Roth IRA, including a conversion. This presentation includes the conditions that make Roth IRA distributions free of federal income tax, contribution rules for Roth IRAs, ways to convert a traditional IRA or employer retirement plan to a Roth IRA and how to calculate the conversion tax.

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Retirement Income Planning

Present clients and prospects with strategies to make the most of their savings and investments during retirement. Through this presentation, they will learn how to plan for when retirement will start, how long retirement will last, how to estimate the amount of money needed to meet retirement goals, how to supplement fixed-income sources such as Social Security and a pension with retirement savings, and income withdrawal strategies.

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Social Security

Educate clients and prospects about Social Security income strategies. This presentation teaches attendees how their Social Security benefit is determined, how claiming benefits before or after reaching full retirement age will affect their benefit, why it’s important for spouses to develop a claiming strategy together, how working could affect the Social Security benefit they receive, and when benefits could be taxable.

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Financial Planning Basics

Help prospects and clients develop realistic financial goals and overcome common roadblocks to financial success. This presentation covers how to construct a budget, the importance of establishing an emergency fund, credit fundamentals, basic investment concepts and basic estate planning concepts.

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Investment Basics

Provide prospects and clients with investment information so they can understand the fundamentals of investing for financial success. This presentation explains the effects of inflation and compounding, how to identify financial goals and time horizons, how to measure risk tolerance, the importance of asset allocation, and the difference between cash alternatives, bonds, stocks and mutual funds.

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Retirement Savings Challenges for Women

Address the challenges that women face when it comes to saving for retirement and planning for retirement income. This presentation provides female prospects and clients with a variety of retirement-focused information, including the unique challenges women face, the importance of planning for retirement, the basics of Social Security retirement income, the impact of inflation, what to do now and possible ways to make up for a savings shortfall.

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Women and Money

Help female prospects and clients strengthen their financial futures by knowing how to plan, save and invest. This presentation includes six steps women can take to help achieve financial security, including taking control of their money, becoming more knowledgeable investors, advocating for themselves in the workplace, planning for retirement, protecting their income and assets, and creating an estate plan.

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